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INTEGRATED MARKETING CONCEPTS, INC. was founded in October, 1982, and incorporated in January, 1983, with the business purpose of serving the architectural building and construction industry providing high quality products and service at industry competitive rates.

Throughout the years INTEGRATED MARKETING CONCEPTS, INC. has consistently supported the ever changing architectural market place with new emphasis on higher quality products capable of meeting or exceeding the more stringent codes (such as with OSHPD, DSA, ADA, City of Los Angeles, ICBO, ASTM, etc.). INTEGRATED MARKETING CONCEPTS, INC. was an active marketing liaison in assisting OSHPD with the early announcements and campaigning to understand the significance of Senate Bill 1953 and its impact in the healthcare industry. Recently, the company has strengthened its commitment to sustainable design by supporting LEED friendly materials.

INTEGRATED MARKETING CONCEPTS, INC. is staffed with LEED AP industry professionals who provide expertise in resolving architectural and construction problems. INTEGRATED MARKETING CONCEPTS, INC. offers a full array of architectural services, including but not limited to: